Playboy at the Neo Cocktail Club

In early 2016 I located a pub in Hong Kong called Neo Cocktail Club which I learned probably had a Bally Playboy pinball. Unfortunately I also found that it was temporarily closed.

Eventually it re-opened in mid-June this year, and so on the last Saturday in June I went there on my own as their first guest of the evening.

Neo Cocktail Club
Neo Cocktail Club

The first thing to grab my attention was the Bally Playboy pinball in the middle of the club.

Bally's Playboy
Bally’s Playboy

It was a pleasant surprise to find that it was set to free play.  The mechanical condition of the game was excellent but unfortunately it had no sound, so this severely degraded my overall enjoyment of the game. I guess that it is only its sound card which has a problem and it would not be too difficult to fix it. (^o^)/

Playboy plays well, but in silence
Playboy plays well, but in silence

As usual, snacks are free during the happy hour which runs from 6-8pm every business day.

Like the pinball, the snacks are free
Like the pinball, the snacks are free

I finished my drinks and snack dinner there and left around 8pm. I will definitely go there again very soon (^o^)

Here’s some additional information about Neo Cocktail Club:

  • Business hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-1am
  • Website:
  • Comments: Apart from having no sound, the mechanical condition of pinball was excellent
  • Remarks: Free snacks during happy hour