Audio recordings

As part of our coverage of pinball shows we make numerous audio recordings of seminars.  So to save you trawling through numerous show reports, we have pulled them all together into this handy archive.

Recordings are listed by the recording date and then by speaker’s name.

[audioalbum title=”PINBALL EXPO 2016″ detail=”Seminar recordings”]
[audiotrack title=”American Pinball” mp3=”″ buttonlink=”4280″ buttontext=”See report”]
[audiotrack title=”Clay Harrell” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Dan Kuschill” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”David Fix” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”David Fix & Phoebe Smith” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Derek Fugate” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Dialed In! Deep Dive” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Duncan Brown” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Gary Stern” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Ghostbusters Team” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Heighway Pinball” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”James Loflin & Duncan Brown” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Jersey Jack Pinball” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Jim Schelberg” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Joe Kaminkow, Orin Day, Eugene Jarvis” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Jonathan Joosten” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Kevin O’Connor” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Lloyd Olson” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Making Pinball, Making Friends” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Martin Wiest” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Gerry Stellenberg” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Pinball Universe” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”PinSound” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Spooky Pinball” mp3=”″]

[audioalbum title=”ROCKY MOUNTAIN PINBALL SHOWDOWN & GAMEROOM EXPO 2016″ detail=”Seminar recordings”]
[audiotrack title=”Ryan Wanger” mp3=”″ buttonlink=”6704″ buttontext=”See report”]
[audiotrack title=”Andrew Heighway” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Mark Gibson” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”John Trudeau 1″ mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”John Trudeau 2″ mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Ben Heck” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Gerry Stellenberg” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”The Pinball Podcast” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Butch Peel” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Jim Schelberg” mp3=”″]